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Our students take part in an exchange

Datum zveřejnění : 30. 6. 2016Tisk
Kategorie : Anglický jazyk
Autoři :  Vomelová
Škola : Jaroška,
Pod vedením : Vomelová

Students from Jaroška take part in an exchange in the USA (April 2016)

A group of ten students from our school had a unique opportunity to visit a private residential school for boys located in South Kent, Connecticut. What the American school considers important is among other things also ecological education. During the visit our students experimented hands-on Environmental Science lessons where they could touch and feed rodents and a reptile, as well as see for themselves the maple tree growth and taste its product - the maple syrup. Another activity linked to ecology that they exprerienced was a visit to the school’s Center for Innovation which is a farm where domestic animals are kept to teach the students sustainability, ecological responsibility and practical skills for survival. Meeting the oxen, goats, chicken and inspecting the beehives were all appreciated by our students.

Then they attended several lessons of Maths where the students joined their American friends in discussing and solving problems and a practical Art lesson which was carried out in such a way that its result was a tangible piece of handmade art that they could bring home. Apart from these the students were able to attend any class of their choice on campus including a debate on international issues.

South Kent School offers its students a range of sports as well. We saw a lacrosse game and a baseball game and cheered the team. There we also some activities we took part in, such as frisbee and mini-golf.

The stay enriched our knowledge of current American culture but also deepened our knowledge of American history.  It was a great experience for all of us to visit a local Native American museum where we were shown the rich cultural heritage of the local Native American comunity and its diversity which are in sharp contrast with their present living conditions. We went on a trip to New Haven, the home of Yale University, and walked in its centre visitting the vast campus and some of its colleges as well as the Yale University Art Gallery. A brief stop at the Atlantic seaside showed a different Connecticut landscape from what we had already known from the South Kent School campus in the woods. It was a refreshing experience for us who lack the sea and miss it at home. During our trip to New York City we visited the Statue of Liberty which was the first sigth for many immigrants arriving at Ellis Island during the 19th century, walked in a part of the huge Central Park where we had our lunch and then experienced the craze of Times Square. At Grand Central station on our way back we saw  a demonstation during the US presidential campaign.

During the stay our students could communicate in English mostly with native speakers not only on campus but also when we were hosted by two families  of  South Kent students who had been to Brno the year before. In addition, one third of those who attend South Kent School are foreigners. The opportunity to meet their peers from different parts of the world was definitely enriching.

We look forward to meeting our American friends in the spring of 2017 in Brno and continuing the tradion of the exchange.



Art lesson at SKS Art lesson at SKS
At the Native American Museum At the Native American Museum
Barbecue and S-mores Barbecue and S-mores
Central Park Central Park
Coffee at Times Square Coffee at Times Square
Debate with SKS students Debate with SKS students
Honey tasting at CFI Honey tasting at CFI
Picking shells near New Haven Picking shells near New Haven
Project presentation Project presentation
Yale campus Yale campus


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Autoři : Vomelová Karla
Škola : Jaroška,

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